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You're passionate about your audiology practice, and we're passionate about making your practice as successful as possible. Audiology Resources specializes in maximizing your practice's efficiency and profitability while maintaining the highest levels of state and federal compliance.

Depend on our audiology consulting services to streamline all your patient interactions and processes, from appointment scheduling to the final payment. Hundreds of practices and organizations have turned to us to solve their most pressing and problematic operational, compliance, coding, reimbursement, and training issues.

Our clients appreciate that we customize our services to complement their specific requirements and practice. We have developed specialized tools and processes that allow us to meet the vast majority of our clients' needs—frequently without visiting their office. Contact us today to schedule your consultation. We look forward to working with you.

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Since 2001, Audiology Resources has provided operational, compliance, and reimbursement consulting services and products to hearing healthcare providers throughout the United States. We are owned and operated by our president and licensed audiologist, Kim Cavitt.

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